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New York City Information -2-

vicnytn3[1]When out and about in mid-town, you will note that some businesses or residences have an address like 210 W. 57th Street, while others might have an address like 210 E. 57th Street. You might ask yourself “What is the dividing line between East and West with respect to addresses”?
The answer is quite simple but very important to remember if you want to navigate around the city with ease. Fifth Avenue is the dividing line between East and West.
In my prior post, I mentioned that the streets in mid-town Manhattan run East and West, while the Avenues run North and South. If you are walking along Fifth Avenue facing North (remember that the street numbers are higher as you walk North), then any address to the left of you will be W. 57th, or W 58th, etc., while the addresses to the right of you will be E. 57th or E. 58th street. Easy enough, eh?
One last point for today. The numbering or naming of the avenues changes somewhat depending on your location in the city, but for our purposes let’s assume that we are in mid-town near the Theaters and restaurants on W. 44th Street.

MidGridAfter looking at my amateurish illustration above, you will notice several things –
-1- When I published this post, a portion of the right side of the illustration was cut off, and I’m too lazy to go back and change the coding for this page. Consequently, while the Hudson River is shown on the left (or West side of the drawing), conspicuously absent is the East river on the right (or East side of the drawing). But just remember, Manhattan is bordered on the West side by the Hudson River and on the East side by the East River.
-2- Starting on the East side of the island, the Avenues begin with 1st Avenue, and the Avenues are consecutively numbered in a Westerly direction ending (at this location) with 12th Avenue at the far West side.
-3- As is usually the case with New York, there are always exceptions to the rule, and the naming of the Avenues is one of these exceptions. While the numbering proceeds in a predictable manner – 1st Ave., 2nd Ave., and 3rd Ave., you will notice there is no 4th Avenue. Instead, there are three named Avenues (rather than numbered avenues) between 3rd Avenue and 5th Avenue.
As my NYC posts progress, I will give you easy ways to remember the naming of Avenues, the naming of bridges, etc. through the use of mnemonics, or as I like to call them – Memory Pegs. Now let me give you the first memory pegs, which at first blush seem somewhat silly, but nevertheless will stay in your memory and help you navigate New York City when the need arises. I began this post by assuming that we are driving in mid-town Manhattan. Assume that you were driving Northbound on 1st Avenue and made a left turn onto E.45th Street. You just passed 2nd Ave. and 3rd Ave. – now which Avenues come next? Easy – call on your first memory pegs – Let’s Park in Mid-town (LPM). After you pass 3rd Avenue the next avenue is Lexington Ave. The next Avenue will be Park Ave. Then comes Madison Ave. After Madison, the numbered Avenues progress in a Westerly direction – 5th, 6th, 7th Ave. through to 12th Avenue. Let’s Park in Mid-town — (LPM) — Lexington, Park, Madison — Easy enough?
Because this might be too much to take in all at once, let me give you an interesting fact about New York City (or as us Yankees call it “The City”). The largest Sunday edition of the New York Times was published on September 14th, 1987. It contained more than 1600 pages and weighed in at more than 12 pounds!
More info on navigating in NYC will be coming shortly.

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Terro – Best ant eliminator ever!

vicnytn3[1]Note: This is a post from the “pre-hacked” blog which I managed to retrieve from the ashes. I included it since the video had in excess of 5000 hits, was on many “favorites” lists and generated a ton of comments.

The first Crocuses, the first blooming Forsythia bushes, and the flowering Cherry trees in Washington signal the official start of the Spring season. But unfortunately, so does the arrival of the marching ants in my kitchen, which invariably appear after the first drenching Spring rain. Now I’m not talking about the marching ants on my computer screen when I’m selecting some text to copy and paste — I’m talking about the real beggars which send my wife up the wall and prompt her to demand that I “do something”.

Until recently, I could do nothing more than try a plethora of home remedies, such as repeatedly squirting the wee beasties with Windex (my wife swears this works — but I firmly believe whatever ants expire is solely due to drowning). A word of explanation is in order — my wife has a little parrot who commands a perch overlooking our kitchen, and although I am charged with the responsibility of ridding the premises of ants, I am not allowed to use any of the usual sprays for fear of harming her “baby”. Annually stuck between this rock and the proverbial hard space, I wanted to share with you a new product (at least this product is new to me) which works amazingly well — and obviously, it is not a spray!

The product of which I speak is called “Terro”, and it is available at our local Home Depot on Bridford Parkway or at Lowes off of Stanley Drive. A brief video demonstrating the effectiveness of this ant eliminator can be found below. Because of the extreme effectiveness of the product, there was virtually nothing left to show as an “after” example (which, of course is the reason why I used Terro in the first place).

Don’t expect to observe a sea of dead ant carcuses after using Terro — the beauty of it is that the ants quickly transmit the location and tastiness of the liquid to the other members of the nest as they pass each other to and from the little puddle on the piece of paper. What starts as one or two ants sipping the liquid quickly turns into a free for all once the word spreads. The little dot of liquid becomes completely surrounded by a myriad of ants climbing over each other as they jockey for position at the trough. The disciplined “to and from the nest” parade quickly becomes less organized as the elixir takes effect, and for a brief period you will notice some of the ants wandering aimlessly in circles. Most of them find their way back to the nest where they share their newly found tasty treasure with the other inhabitants. Eventually, the worker ants share the meal with the queen, and when she expires, the nest — and the ants — are no more.

Of course, since the ants on this planet outnumber us by the billions, it is quite possible that additional ants will surface after several weeks. These beasties arrive from a new nest, but the good news is that they can be eradicated in 3 days by setting out a new portion of Terro. Should you have need for this product I urge you to try it — you won’t be disappointed.

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New York City Information

vicnytn3[1]At the beginning of summer, several friends who planned to visit New York City with their family asked me for information regarding how to get around the city, what to see while there, where the 5 boroughs were located, exactly where in the city neighborhoods such as Tribeca, Little Italy, and Soho, were located, etc. They knew I previously worked and lived in Manhattan, and even though that was some time ago, they still asked me for the “basics” regarding NYC.

I don’t pretend for one moment that the information on this blog regarding the city will be totally accurate, and it certainly won’t be comprehensive, but I hope that at least it will be helpful. Should you need additional information, there are 20 or 30 travel guides and maps for sale at Barnes and Noble in the Friendly Center.

Please forgive the amateur illustrations which follow – although they are not to scale, they are close enough for all practical purposes. And one last thing – when I mention the streets which comprise the boundaries of a particular neighborhood, please don’t submit a comment stating that I am full of donkey dust because you believe a particular street is part of Chinatown rather than Little Italy. For sake of simplicity, I am going to generalize rather than cite exact boundaries, which will only serve to confuse. OK? Now let’s get started with the basics.
Boroughs for Blog
The island of Manhattan runs North and South. In midtown Manhattan (where you will probably spend most of your time), the Avenues run North and South, and the streets run East and West.

For example, if you are walking on 7th Avenue and just passed 42nd Street, and you notice that the next street is 43rd Street, then you are walking North. The streets are higher as you walk North — if you just passed 42nd street then you know the next street will be 43rd, then 44th, etc. as you travel North. Conversely, If you are walking on 7th Avenue and walk past 42nd street and the next street is 41st Street, then you know you are walking South and the street numbers will keep getting smaller – 40th Street, 39th Street, etc. – easy enough, eh?
I’ll have more NYC Talk in future posts.

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What is this blog about?

This site has no specific purpose, per se. It exists only to provide Adams Farm residents, and residents of surrounding neighborhoods, with a forum in which we can:

  • share our experiences with local businesses and tradespeople, both good and bad;
  • post upcoming events which might be of interest to others;
  • advise each other of local sales, coupons and other money-saving opportunities;
  • voice complaints, concerns, suggestions or kudos with respect to the management of Adams Farm and its facilities;

and generally, to facilitate the rapid and free exchange of information among and between all of us.

There are many talented photographers and artists in Greensboro and within the Adams Farm community. I would be pleased to provide a forum for the display of their works for all to enjoy – and I would also like to include “non-professional” items which you feel have merit and which others might enjoy, such as drawings or crafts completed by your children. Please feel free to post anything which you believe might be of interest to others — However, I must reserve the right to review the posts and withhold them from appearing on Adams Farm Talk if they appear to be inappropriate — that is, if they contain questionable language, photographs, overly disparaging personal attacks, and the like. I am fully aware of the fact that “questionable” can be a subjective determination — but I am providing this forum for everyone’s information and entertainment, and although I will attempt to interject myself as infrequently as possible, I must be the final arbiter of what is acceptable or inappropriate.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope that you will return often — and most importantly, participate in the discussions.

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Back in business!

vicnytn3[1]After a ridiculously long absence from this blog due to a myriad of reasons including health concerns, home repair / improvement projects requested by my wife, problems repairing and renting my so called investment property, and most importantly, the fact that some demented dimwit (who probably lives in his parent’s basement) decided it might be fun to hack my blog and destroy all of the content – I am happy to say that I am back, and I vow to contribute something worthwhile every week, and hopefully, every day!

There are many subjects I plan to cover. I have an update on a previous recommendation made concerning a landscaping / tree trimming firm, several new recommendations regarding firms I have used with good results, observations / concerns with respect to the management of the funds generated by our monthly association dues, etc., etc. So without further ado, let’s get started!

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Site Hacked!

vicnytn3[1]Unfortunately, all of my prior posts, photos and videos, as well as the comments submitted by the regular followers of this blog have all been lost due to a brainless hacker who trashed the site for no reason other than creating some mischief and a big headache for me.
I have taken steps to guard against future incursions, and back-ups will be made to ensure that your comments will not be lost — So let’s forget about this bump in the road and start again with the hope that this blog will be better than ever! Sorry for the inconvenience.

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