What is this blog about?

This site has no specific purpose, per se. It exists only to provide Adams Farm residents, and residents of surrounding neighborhoods, with a forum in which we can:

  • share our experiences with local businesses and tradespeople, both good and bad;
  • post upcoming events which might be of interest to others;
  • advise each other of local sales, coupons and other money-saving opportunities;
  • voice complaints, concerns, suggestions or kudos with respect to the management of Adams Farm and its facilities;

and generally, to facilitate the rapid and free exchange of information among and between all of us.

There are many talented photographers and artists in Greensboro and within the Adams Farm community. I would be pleased to provide a forum for the display of their works for all to enjoy – and I would also like to include “non-professional” items which you feel have merit and which others might enjoy, such as drawings or crafts completed by your children. Please feel free to post anything which you believe might be of interest to others — However, I must reserve the right to review the posts and withhold them from appearing on Adams Farm Talk if they appear to be inappropriate — that is, if they contain questionable language, photographs, overly disparaging personal attacks, and the like. I am fully aware of the fact that “questionable” can be a subjective determination — but I am providing this forum for everyone’s information and entertainment, and although I will attempt to interject myself as infrequently as possible, I must be the final arbiter of what is acceptable or inappropriate.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope that you will return often — and most importantly, participate in the discussions.

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