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vicnytn3[1]At the beginning of summer, several friends who planned to visit New York City with their family asked me for information regarding how to get around the city, what to see while there, where the 5 boroughs were located, exactly where in the city neighborhoods such as Tribeca, Little Italy, and Soho, were located, etc. They knew I previously worked and lived in Manhattan, and even though that was some time ago, they still asked me for the “basics” regarding NYC.

I don’t pretend for one moment that the information on this blog regarding the city will be totally accurate, and it certainly won’t be comprehensive, but I hope that at least it will be helpful. Should you need additional information, there are 20 or 30 travel guides and maps for sale at Barnes and Noble in the Friendly Center.

Please forgive the amateur illustrations which follow – although they are not to scale, they are close enough for all practical purposes. And one last thing – when I mention the streets which comprise the boundaries of a particular neighborhood, please don’t submit a comment stating that I am full of donkey dust because you believe a particular street is part of Chinatown rather than Little Italy. For sake of simplicity, I am going to generalize rather than cite exact boundaries, which will only serve to confuse. OK? Now let’s get started with the basics.
Boroughs for Blog
The island of Manhattan runs North and South. In midtown Manhattan (where you will probably spend most of your time), the Avenues run North and South, and the streets run East and West.

For example, if you are walking on 7th Avenue and just passed 42nd Street, and you notice that the next street is 43rd Street, then you are walking North. The streets are higher as you walk North — if you just passed 42nd street then you know the next street will be 43rd, then 44th, etc. as you travel North. Conversely, If you are walking on 7th Avenue and walk past 42nd street and the next street is 41st Street, then you know you are walking South and the street numbers will keep getting smaller – 40th Street, 39th Street, etc. – easy enough, eh?
I’ll have more NYC Talk in future posts.

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