Terro – Best ant eliminator ever!

vicnytn3[1]Note: This is a post from the “pre-hacked” blog which I managed to retrieve from the ashes. I included it since the video had in excess of 5000 hits, was on many “favorites” lists and generated a ton of comments.

The first Crocuses, the first blooming Forsythia bushes, and the flowering Cherry trees in Washington signal the official start of the Spring season. But unfortunately, so does the arrival of the marching ants in my kitchen, which invariably appear after the first drenching Spring rain. Now I’m not talking about the marching ants on my computer screen when I’m selecting some text to copy and paste — I’m talking about the real beggars which send my wife up the wall and prompt her to demand that I “do something”.

Until recently, I could do nothing more than try a plethora of home remedies, such as repeatedly squirting the wee beasties with Windex (my wife swears this works — but I firmly believe whatever ants expire is solely due to drowning). A word of explanation is in order — my wife has a little parrot who commands a perch overlooking our kitchen, and although I am charged with the responsibility of ridding the premises of ants, I am not allowed to use any of the usual sprays for fear of harming her “baby”. Annually stuck between this rock and the proverbial hard space, I wanted to share with you a new product (at least this product is new to me) which works amazingly well — and obviously, it is not a spray!

The product of which I speak is called “Terro”, and it is available at our local Home Depot on Bridford Parkway or at Lowes off of Stanley Drive. A brief video demonstrating the effectiveness of this ant eliminator can be found below. Because of the extreme effectiveness of the product, there was virtually nothing left to show as an “after” example (which, of course is the reason why I used Terro in the first place).

Don’t expect to observe a sea of dead ant carcuses after using Terro — the beauty of it is that the ants quickly transmit the location and tastiness of the liquid to the other members of the nest as they pass each other to and from the little puddle on the piece of paper. What starts as one or two ants sipping the liquid quickly turns into a free for all once the word spreads. The little dot of liquid becomes completely surrounded by a myriad of ants climbing over each other as they jockey for position at the trough. The disciplined “to and from the nest” parade quickly becomes less organized as the elixir takes effect, and for a brief period you will notice some of the ants wandering aimlessly in circles. Most of them find their way back to the nest where they share their newly found tasty treasure with the other inhabitants. Eventually, the worker ants share the meal with the queen, and when she expires, the nest — and the ants — are no more.

Of course, since the ants on this planet outnumber us by the billions, it is quite possible that additional ants will surface after several weeks. These beasties arrive from a new nest, but the good news is that they can be eradicated in 3 days by setting out a new portion of Terro. Should you have need for this product I urge you to try it — you won’t be disappointed.

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