Pilot’s Variety Fiesta – Fun For All!

vicnytn3[1]Although I am always happy to do all I can to help my church, I regret the fact that my organization held our first Lenten fish fry last Friday, which prevented me from attending the PILOT DOLPHINS VARIETY SHOW FIESTA! However, my wife attended the show along with our daughters and sons-in-law, and she said the various acts were absolutely fantastic and very entertaining.
Our two granddaughters cheered on their brother who was in one of the acts, and they had a great time clapping along with the music which accompanied some of the skits. Even our teen-age Grandson (who like most teen agers is usually “bored”) had a good time watching the acts and making faces at his younger brother who was in one of them. The emcees did a wonderful job, the opening dance performed by the Pilot staff was well-done, and all of the pianists, comedians, singers, dancers, and specialty act performers were, according to my wife, “extremely talented” and ”lots of fun to watch.” Rather than attempt to single out individual acts, I believe it would be advisable to simply reproduce the program, since everyone involved did an excellent job. Congratulations to all and I hope to attend next year’s performance.
Pilot Prog 1MM
Pilot Prog 2MM

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