Little-known ( and probably worthless) facts about New York City

vicnytn3[1]To avoid giving an overload of information, my previous NYC post failed to address one of the most important Avenues in Manhattan – “Broadway”. My next post will explain how this thoroughfare got its name, why it does not run exactly North and South like the other avenues, and a few other facts regarding Broadway which I believe you will find both interesting and useful while navigating your way around the City — But since I didn’t have enough time to prepare the Broadway post, let me present a “filler” of somewhat worthless information regarding New York City.

If you dug a hole from NYC to the other side of the earth, you would not wind up in China as many people believe, but rather, you would exit around 600 miles south of Perth, Australia.

The average NYC cab ride is 2.8 miles.

A licensed taxi driver, according to the NYC Civil Code, can be fined $25 for wearing shorts while “on duty.”

The flat fare for a taxi ride between J.F. Kennedy International airport and any point in Manhattan (not including bridge or tunnel tolls and a tip) is $45. The usual tip is about $10. Remember that taxi rides are cash only! This trip should take between one-half to one hour depending on traffic and final destination in the City.

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