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vicnytn3[1]If you decide to visit NYC this summer, you might be shocked at the inflated prices for just about everything. For example, Penn & Teller (of Celebrity Apprentice, Dancing With the Stars, and Las Vegas fame) have returned to the place where they started 25 years ago.PT_FinalWeek_300x250 They are at the Marquis Theatre, located on 46th Street between Broadway & 8th Avenue for a 6 week run (July 7 ā€“ August 16). If you have been paying attention, you will know that since 8th Avenue is West of 5th Avenue, the theatre is located on West 46th St. At any rate, here is a rough sketch of the Marquis Theatre seating, and the approximate location of Row C, Seats 1&3. I like to purchase seats on the aisle, either to the left or right of the center orchestra seating because my wife is short, and has trouble seeing the stage if a tall person sits directly in front of us. I always purchase an aisle ticket for her, and since she will be looking across the aisle to the stage, there will be no one in front blocking her line of sight. I would be remiss in not pointing out that seats in the first few rows are not considered “Premium” — on the contrary, they are regarded as somewhat undesirable. The reason why is that you are looking up at the stage, and for the most part, it is difficult, if not impossible, to see what is happening mid-stage or at the back of the stage. But I mention the seats in row C since these were the only half-decent seats available.
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At any rate, let me get to my point ā€“ the Penn and Teller show lasts a few minutes shy of two hours. The price for the two seats was $528 ($264 each). So be prepared for a huge awakening when you decide to see a show or play ā€“ especially if you are taking the family!

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