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vicnytn3[1]Someone asked me yesterday if the prices quoted by me for the Penn and Teller Show were “really true”, or did I purposely choose the most expensive tickets I could find, just to make my point regarding the inflated prices in the city. Of course, my answer was “NO”, but just so you don’t think I “misspoke” (the politically correct way of saying I lied), let me give you one or two additional examples.
Even though the play opened on March 24, 2011, one of the most popular plays currently on Broadway is The Book Of Mormon at the Eugene O’Neil Theatre on West 49th St. Two tickets for the Saturday night show range from $456.30 for seats in the nose bleed section known as “Rear Mezzanine” to $1,050.30 for two tickets in the “Premium” seating area. Here’s how the seating (and Cost) for two seats breaks down:
Rear Mezzanine $456.30
Mid-Mezzanine $483.30
Front Mezzanine $680.40
Mid-Mezzanine (Premium) $807.30
Orchestra (Far Sides and Rear) $483.50
Orchestra (Middle) Premium $807.30
Orchestra (Premium) $1050.30

One more example –the play “Hamilton” (Named after a founding father of our country) went into previews at the Richard Rogers Theatre, W. 46th St. on July 13 and will formally open on August 6. Nevertheless, the show is already sold out in advance, so plan on seeing it several months hence. However, Premium seating for two is quoted at $899.26, and you can expect to pay much more if you are anxious to see the play ASAP and go through a broker.

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